Holidays in Sardinia

Holidays in Sardinia

’Sardinia... is like nowhere’ and ’outside the circuit of civilisation. DH Lawrence

This is Italy... but not as we know it. Untainted by foreign occupations the large island of Sardinia is unlike anything else in the Mediterranean - sparsely populated, unspoilt, there are still huge tracts of deserted beach, still flocks of wild mouflons roaming free in the remote interior, and very little of the usual Italian hilltop town where art and architecture vie for your attention. In short, Sardinia is just made for relaxation. Cottages to Castles are pleased to offer a special collection of villas in Sardinia.

Central Sardinia has a monopoly on wild rugged landscapes, such as those in the Gennargentu mountains south of Núoro, or fertile plains full of olive groves and vineyards like those between Cagliari and Oristano, but the main attraction to the potential visitor has to be the one thousand miles of mostly empty coast.

Setting aside the overly expensive Costa Smeralda and the touristy Alghero area, the rest of Sardinia’s coastline is dotted with sleepy towns and villages. The sea is amazingly clear and clean (numerous blue flags regularly awarded), the prevailing breezes are excellent for sailing, there are no large resorts, the beaches are naturally sandy and some stretch for kilometres, devoid of people - for families, searching for an idyllic beach holiday, there’s nothing better than one of our Sardinia villas.

We have concentrated our Sardinia Villas in the south-eastern corner, the Costa Rei coast, that starts at Cape Ferrato and swings southwards in a gentle golden curve for 8 kilometres – perfect setting for a baech holiday. This remote sandy beach sand is book-ended by two headlands and backed by gently sloping pine and juniper covered hills. Nearby is the town of Castiadas and the Punic remains of Monte Nai that date from 5th century BC. A little further south of Costa Rei, at Cala Senzias, is another marvellous beach, of bright white sand backed by shady green forest and, behind that, formidable craggy hills. Visitors to Sardinia’s beach resorts already consider the island a haven for seafood, normally just grilled, and washed down with a crisp white Vermentino or Nuragus. And yet others will say that real Sardinian cooking is based on the rustic cuisine of the interior - roast meats, sausages and salame, Sardinian pecorino cheese and the no-nonsense red wines of Cannonau and Monica. For more details on what to expect on your Sardinia villa vacation, see the Local Food and Wine sections below.

"Recently it struck me that we don’t offer many seaside locations. Well, I think I’ve outdone myself because I now give you... Sardinia. With the clearest cleanest seas anywhere in the Mediterranean and some of the sandiest, most deserted, beaches in the world, Sardinia has to be the place to go for families." Claudio Magoni. 
If you are considering renting a villa in Sardinia, Cottages to Castles are pleased to offer a selection of privately owned and superbly presented properties. Choose from our collection of holiday villas in Sardinia here.

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Tomatoes are used generously in sauces, as are artichokes, fava beans, peas, eggplant and zucchini. Foods here are redolent of herbs, including wild fennel, juniper and myrtle, used with hare, boar and game birds. Rock lobsters, crabs, anchovies, squid, clams and sardines, that may have taken their name from the island, form the basis for spicy fish soups called ’burrida’ and ’cassola’. Near Núoro, in the Barbagia hills, suckling pig called ’porceddu’ is skewered on poles of aromatic wood and turned for hours. Each Sardinian village bakes its own breads, variations on the large round loaves known as tondus, the doughnut shaped cnzzula or stick-like zicchi. The island boasts a tempting range of sweet biscuits, fritters, pastries and cakes, which often contain almond, ricotta, raisins and elaborate spices. Whichever type of cuisine you choose, your villa holiday in Sardinia villa holiday will be an epicurean’s dream. If you take a Sardinia villa holiday one of the daily delights will be shopping for your meals. Apart from the few major towns like Cagliari, Núoro, Oristano, Olbia, Sassari and Alghero, all smaller towns will possess the basics of an outdoor market, butcher, baker or general ’alimentari’ shop or general grocer. Your owner will be able to advise you of market days and shop hours. We recommend the local fish markets for the best in colour, noise, the freshest fish caught that morning, the cheapest prices and a wonderful insight into the Sardinian way of life.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy some excellent local wines on your villa holiday in Sardinia villa holiday.  Lamb and kid are usually served with the full dry Cannonau though a good alternative is Carignano del Sulcis. Fish dishes tend to be complimented more by the full-flavored Vermentino di Gallura, the very dry Nuragus di Cagliari or Torbato from the Alghero area. 

The island of Sardinia does not just offer spectacular stretches of coastline and emerald seas...... there are some real treasures to admire here.  At the centre of the gulf and the capital of the province sits Cagliari.  Rich in artistic heritage it has the fabulous fortified quarter of Castello rich in monuments such as the medieval castle the Bastione di Saint Remy and St. Mary’s Cathedral to name but a few.  The S’Archittu a Santa Caterina is a natural monument and at 15m high this natural arch created by the erosion of time was once a sea cave and now a protected area admired by thousands of visitors each year.

The western part of the province in the town of Pula, lies the Park of Nora where this island’s Roman history can still be seen with remains of buildings and mosaics.

For those who don’t wish to move far from the beach, the Aragonese Building lying in front of the well-known Pelosa beach is one of the oldest sighting towers in Sardinia.

If you are considering renting a villa in Sardinia, Cottages to Castles are pleased to offer a selection of privately owned and superbly presented properties. Choose from our collection of holiday villas in Sardinia here.

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